Let's Brainstorm....


Written on 7:31 PM by Hemanth Kumar

Dear All,
In less than 15 minutes I sent invites to my friends to join this blog, we already have 5 of them onboard and I am sure, many more would join. This just shows how addicted we are to the comp!!!...:D. Well, wanted to put in few things before we go full throttle with the blogging....

1. As usual, I have no idea what design would look good for the blog. So, please if you have or have across a brilliant template which would be appealing to everyone, do send it to me!
2. If you don't want to blog a particular thing directly here, you can write 3-4 lines telling us what you have written and provide a link to the blog/site where you have posted that stuff.
3. Blogging about Randomest of ideas, thoughts, deeds are encouraged. It just shows, that we do a lot more when we are not compelled to do something...(Perhaps, what Freedom to do anything is all about!)
4. I do understand that life goes on during weekdays too...so do write about almost anything and everything if you feel like!
5. If you are writing about a place you have visited or describing a pub, restaurant or any other thing which you are recommended others to visit, please be more elaborate while describing about it. This is for the common interest of everyone...:-)
6. Posting pics/videos or links to where they are put up is highly encouraged!
7. If you have your buddies/colleagues who would be interested to blog here...please let me know.
8. Since most of you already seem to be blogging (sometimes on multiple blogs), let me know which of your blogs can I put on blogroll.
9. And finally...this is your blog, so suggestions and ideas are highly required!....:D

Enjoy the long weekend! Which also means, there are tons of things to be written about...:-D


The mother of all weekends is here!


Written on 6:29 PM by Sandeep Sekharamantri

Firstly, thanks hemanth for inviting me to this blog. Its a great idea to blog about the weekends, especially for young professionals like us. Gone are the days when we used to laze out everyday like a Saturday in BITS. We now live a life from Friday to Sunday. The rest of the week is dedicated to evil corporates who squeeze out every drop of juice in us. And that very thought makes us look forward to this lovely day called Friday.

Malaysia being an Islamic country with a difference (the difference being that the weekend is still sat-sun, unlike thu-fri in most others) can afford to boast of the mother of all weekends. Three days of Hari Raya (literally means Celebration Day, for Ramadan) on wed-thu-fri and the normal weekend after that. Its really a Friday after Monday. And I am off on some private adventure to celebrate. Will blog about it when I am back.

I look forward to reading some splendid chains of thought in TGIF, from various places on the planet (amazing how our batch ended up scattered on all the inhabited continents!), hoping to learn various cultures, the good about them and the comedy of errors they sometime become and to just dump in my random travels across peninsular Malaysia. My trip here is almost coming to an end and I hope to put in some memorable weekend adventures I have had before I forget them.

Thank God It's Friday....


Written on 2:16 PM by Hemanth Kumar

Ah...Thank God it's Friday..again! Perhaps, just the thought of a Friday coming again is enough to rejuvenate you. And you start making endless plans...movies, books, music...coffee shops...pubs...restaurants...backpacking to a nearby place...endless possibilities. In my case, it so happens that, after being dead wood for the whole week, weekends feel like heaven! So, every Saturday and Sunday I end up watching movies or buying Cds (strictly movies!) and books right from the Crosswords, Odessys etc to the 50% discount book sale outlets here in Hyderabad. Am all excited to write about the craziness of the weekends week after week.


This one is for all my buddies across the world...if you are reading this....then please do write on this blog!!!....Would be awesome....

@Abhi, Manju: All about Gulf and everywhere you have been to.
@Reagan: Can you hear me?!?!...Please do write if you aren't binging on the randomest possible stuff from the Amazon jungles!...:D
@Kapil, PD: Dude...we would love to hear from your stint in US and A
@RC: Dei...you gotta tell us in details about Koreeeans!And all those 병아리 who make your head turn everyday!
@Grover: Dude, we definitely need more of Singapore stuff now. After your F1 experience, I am craving for more!!
@Harsha: Dei...you NEED to blog more now. After reading your craziness of SE Asia trip, I would love if you write on this blog!
@Kastle Vista: You guys probably have the most fun almost every weekend...Please write more about all your Saturdays and Sundays in and around Bangalore.
@Ghom: Where are you these days dude!!...Blog...Blog...Blog!
@Vishnu: Come on dude...you must start off with some blogging now...:D
@Karo: Bhai...you need to pitch in some of your jargon and the crazy stuff you come up with week after week!..:)
@Arun: The Free books and DVDs in the library coupled with the winters in Iowa should give you a perfect reason to blog here!
@Akshaya, HB: Take sometime out of your busy schedule and write a bit about all those wonderful Ketanbhai's and Jigneshbhais!...:D

@Everyone Else: No matter where you are from...whether you know me or not...if you wanna write about anything related to what you did or didn't do on weekends, please do drop me a mail....hemanth.cr@gmail.com. You can write about almost anything! Movies..Books...a pub, restaurant, or some holiday spot....it could even be as random as...a dish you were trying to prepare on a lazy sunday!...:D

Looking forward to hear...read...write more!