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Written on 12:05 PM by Hemanth Kumar

Have you ever laid your hands on a book and wonder if it's "The One" which will change your life?! If you go by the reviews that you find behind the book, then almost 1 out of 3 books claim that this is the best book you can ever come across...but sadly most of them don't live upto the expectations.

So, what so different about "The Game"....Yes, it's a book! Written by Neil Strauss, it chronicles his journey which he takes to understand the art of seduction and how pick up artists perform and share their information with others!

"The Game- Penetrating the Secret Society of Pick Up Artists"- By Neil Strauss is perhaps one such book which somehow manages to surprise you at every corner. Written in a very casual manner, it's not exactly a gyaan which the writer is giving out to the readers, but the extra-ordinary turn of events which at times sound too good to be true! But who knows...as time has shown us nothing is impossible!!!...The book is about Self-Discovery, believing in oneself and making your presence felt in social gatherings. This is what you would realise the book is about once you get the essence, of course, on top of all this, it's about nerds and geeks realising that they have something special going inside them. It's about people like you and me shedding their deepest fears (of rejection) and inhibitions...with the overall impact depicted when it comes to starting and carrying on a conversation with every blue eyed (or otherwise) girl who interests you!

I wouldn't go far and say that, this book will change course of your life, but then it's something which you can't stop raving about once you begin it! Right from the almost surrealistic conversations to discovering what women prefer...from discovering self to what makes you a runaway hit...the book's got it all! It's a must read for all single men...of course, mere reading of this book won't get you laid (or whatever your intent is!) but it definitely ignites a spark in you to start doing something about what you want!

P.S: Although, some would say the book is just for men, because all that people seem to be doing is flirting around with girls...but WTF...it's a brilliant book...which anyone can enjoy!

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